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King River Rafting

Rafting in the King River Gorge

"By arrangement"
Queenstown, North West, Tasmania

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King River Rafting offers one day white water rafting experiences out of Queenstown and Hobart.
Raft the King River through the West Coast Wilderness with a spectacular gorge, wild rainforest, huon pine, west coast pioneer relics and a different view of the West Coast Wilderness Railway. You may like to mix your day in with the train on our King River Gorge, Raft and Steam Experience, or enjoy the tranquillity and reflections in the King River Gorge Explorer.
When not in Queenstown we raft the Derwent River out of Hobart. Our Day on the Derwent takes you through the beautiful warm rural country side of the Derwent Valley with possible encounters with sea eagles and platypus. With our trained guides and quality equipment you will have a memorable day.
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    King River Gorge Explorer

    Explore the rarely visited depths of the King River Gorge between Mt Jukes and Mt Huxley on an inflatable kayak. The trip travels up the still reaches of the King River Gorge for about 2 km, portaging small rapids. See huon pine, remote rainforest, a deep gorge and towering waterfalls. Maybe catch a glimpse of a shy trout or platypus in the pristine and pure water. This is a four hour return trip from Queenstown. All the gear and light snacks provided

    A Day on the Derwent

    Spend a summer's day with King River Rafting on the wonderful River Derwent, upstream of New Norfolk. The Derwent here is a beautiful river with long peaceful reaches and gentle grade 1 to 3 rapids. The Derwent Valley regularly records temperatures over 30 degrees in the summer months and a summer day floating down the warm river amidst the tranquil rural scenery is the very best way to experience the Derwent. Possibly catch sight of the resident white bellied sea eagle or a shy platypus. Of course there will be the famous King River Rafting lunch and hospitality. King River Rafting will supply all your rafting and safety equipment. You will need bathers, sun shirt and hat and suitable water footwear. Wetsuits and booties can be hired if required.

    King for the Day

    A one day wilderness white water raft tour on the King River near Queenstown. Meeting in Queenstown we travel to Newall Creek where our guides will assist you to prepare for the journey down the King River. The 20 kilometre journey down the river will take about six hours past thousands of Huon Pine trees, viewing the Garfield River platypus pool, the Sailor Jack rapid, West Coast Wilderness Railway, west coast mining history and more. After lunch by the river we continue past Teepokana to Lowana and our transport back to Queenstown. This tour runs during the summer rafting season until around Easter.

    Fly 'n' King

    Fly 'n' King is a day white water rafting experience on the the King River flying from and returning to Hobart by aeroplane. Leaving Hobart's Cambridge airport early in the morning you will fly with our partner airline, Par Avion, over the Franklin River Wild Rivers National Park, the Tasmanian World Heritage Wilderness area and Frenchmans Cap to land at Queenstown airport. There you will be collected by King River Rafting and taken to the King River for your journey through the King River Gorge and onto Teepookana and finish at Lowana. King River Rafting will supply all your needs for the day including rafting clothing, PFD and helmet. A delicious lunch is supplied along the river to be enjoyed surrounded by ancient rainforest. At the conclusion of your rafting trip you will then return to Hobart from Strahan airport, your plane having been repositioned for your convenience. The return flight will again cross the World Heritage Wilderness area with the setting sun reflecting off the white quarzite of Frenchmans Cap.

    Raft Surfing

    New to Hobart is Raft Surfing. We can pick you up in Central Hobart and make our way to one of Hobarts beautiful southern beaches to spend a morning surfing rafts. Great fun and excitement for everyone. You bring bathers and sun protection, we will supply everything else. Free pickup from Hobart CBD or self drive to the beach.

    King River Steam, River and Raft Experience

    Along with our King River Gorge, Raft and Steam Experience this has got to be an experience unique in the world. Catch the historic West Coast Wilderness Railway from Queenstown, over the 'Abt' rack and pinion section of track to Dubbil Barril. From there join us rafting the middle and lower section of the King River to Lowanna near Strahan. A sumptuous lunch of local treats on the river bank, the hills cloaked in rainforest and the ancient huon pine trees sliding slowly past. This will be a trip you will remember for the rest of your life.

    King river Gorge Raft and Steam Experience

    Get the best of both worlds. Raft the spectacular rapids of the remote rainforest clad King River Gorge and return to Queenstown by heritage steam train on the West Coast Wilderness Railway. Experience the roar of the rapids, the tranquillity of the pools, the power of the steam locomotive and the thrill of gold panning. A six hour experience that immerses you in the best of the west coast.

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    King River Rafting

    "By arrangement"
    Queenstown, North West, Tasmania

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