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West Coast Yacht Charters (Tour)

West Coast Yacht Charters operates charters from Strahan on Tasmania’s West Coast, offering a timeless journey across Macquarie Harbour, from Strahan, into the ancient temperate wilderness of the island’s unspoilt West Coast, on “Stormbreaker” a 20 metre (60 foot) steel ketch. “Stormbreaker” is spacious, and the layout ensures you are comfortable in all weathers. The[…] Read More

Wild Cave Tours

Wild Cave Tours has conducted guided caving trips at Mole Creek in north-west Tasmania since 1989. Mole Creek is a one-hour (via Deloraine) from Devonport or Launceston (both 74 kilometres). Not the usual tourist caves! Go off the beaten track with speleologists who share their passion and knowledge in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage area[…] Read More

Woolnorth Tours

Take a guided tour of the historic Woolnorth property in Tasmania’s far north-west. Woolnorth today is Australia’s biggest dairy operation! You explore the historic precinct of the 22,000 hectare property on a guided tour, taking in the old farm buildings. Your tour shows some of the dairy operations where almost 1000 hectares have been converted[…] Read More

World Heritage Cruises

World Heritage Cruises is located in Strahan on Tasmania’s beautiful and rugged West Coast. Cruise on a modern, specially designed catamaran into the world’s last great temperate rainforest, deep into the World Heritage Area. A century-old family tradition of local hospitality is the foundation of World Heritage Cruises, five successive generations of Grinings have explored[…] Read More

Wynyard Penguin Tours

With Wynyard Penguin Tours, visitors have the fascinating and thrilling opportunity to see penguins up close and personal in their natural environment on the North West Coast of Tasmania only minutes away from the township of Wynyard. Watch the penguins come ashore each night as they make their way to their burrows. See them climb[…] Read More