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10 Questions with Guy Robertson (Mount Gnomon Farm)

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Guy Robertson is a passionate Tasmanian and the owner of Mount Gnomon Farm just outside of Penguin in Tasmania’s North West. His passion is to share his love of farming, food, music, and the North West region with visitors to the farm and Tasmania!

In 2009 Guy bought 35 hectares of beautiful red dirt which was initially intended to be just a hobby farm. However, over a few years it became a large free range pig farm, with an addition of cows and sheep, and it’s even expanded to an in-house restaurant and butchery sitting in their front paddock overlooking 1,000 cider trees.

Mount Gnomon is on the menu of some of Australia’s and Tassie’s best restaurants, and they visit farmers markets across Tasmania selling  fresh pork, beef, lamb and hand-crafted small goods. If you’re attending a food, art, or music festival you’ll likely see Mount Gnomon there serving flavoursome, meaty dishes.

We recently caught up with Guy and put the following questions to him.

Beautiful Stanley, and the iconic Nut. Picture: Mount Gnomon Farm

1 What does a perfect day in the Cradle Coast look like to you?

The perfect day in the Cradle Coast is when you drive through the spectacular landscapes, taking in the contrasts of the rolling hills, mountains, red dirt, blue seas and colourful crops. It’s literally like you’re driving through a postcard. You along the tasting trail on the way, trying local produce as you drive through quaint and beautiful local county towns.

2 What do we do best on the North-West corner of the island?

We are a region of doers, we’re not afraid to work hard and work together to achieve our goals. We get things done, we just don’t talk about it. We are very proud of showcasing our patch of the world – which is not hard when we have some of the best produce from the land and sea, and such a beautiful part of Tasmania.

3 Where can we improve?

We can do more to promote the cultural heritage, history and our way of life of the land. I’d love to see more of the indigenous history of our land being showcased – particularly the Tarkine. A traditional aboriginal community established on the northwest coast would be a unique and important addition to our area.

Produce planters at Mount Gnomon Farm. Picture: Guy Robertson / Mount Gnomon Farm

4 What would you like to see more of? And less of?

I’d like to see more signage for experiences off of the main highway supporting the local tourism businesses and overall more experienced based tourism in the region. We concentrate our marketing into iconic locations, and other amazing gems fall of the radar of passing by tourists. I’d also like to see a collaborative website to promote pop up and community events, and more collaboration among the coastal towns to achieve regional based initiatives.

We’re like an old European coastline of beautiful towns, and I feel like we could highlight that more.

5 If you could swap your life for a day, who would you switch it with?

A rock star playing in front of 100,000 people at an open air concert would be an amazing buzz to experience!

A day in the life of David Attenborough filming in an amazing location would also be great.

6 Where is the Cradle Coast’s most romantic location?

Walls of Jerusalem. It’s as beautiful as Cradle Mountain – just with less people. It’s spectacular to take in the reflections at one of the pools.

7 Would you like to share any hidden gems?

I love the Tarkine Coastline, and Jack Smiths south of Temma, on the way to Sandy Cape is one of Tasmania’s best kept secrets.

“Family Christmas” at the farm. All of the workers enjoy a very special holiday gathering with Guy. Picture: Mount Gnomon Farm

8 What makes you most proud of being a Tasmanian?

So many things – the friendly and innovative people, the contrasting beauty, the produce, the agrarian culture that exists here, and our festivals and national parks.

9 What do you miss most when you are away from home?

My farm and everything about it! When I’m away, I miss the people that live here who create the existing culture. Of course I also miss my dogs, garden and all of its produce.

Guy with his two friendly dogs (who will happily say hi to you!) Picture: Mount Gnomon Farm

10 You’re marketing the Cradle Coast in 30 seconds, what’s your elevator pitch?

One of my parochial kiwi friends once told me that he thought that New Zealand had all of the beautiful locations of the world concentrated into one country. Then he went to Tasmania and felt that all of those contrasting beautiful locations had been condensed into this amazing island.

If you’re planning a visit to Mount Gnomon farm (which is definitely a good idea) their next open day is February 25th, on which day they’ll be launching their brand new cider bar! Follow along on their social media channels for all the latest updates from Mount Gnomon Farm.

The view from the brand new cider bar! Picture: Mount Gnomon Farm

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