7 planning tips for summer holiday on Tasmania’s Cradle Coast
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7 planning tips for summer holiday on Tasmania’s Cradle Coast

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Summer holiday on Tasmania's Cradle Coast is a perfect combination of activity and relaxation. With abundant options for adventure; bush walking, mountain biking, surfing and kayaking, there's also a balance of restful activities for those who enjoy a slower paced holiday, such as the Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail.

Holidays on the Cradle Coast are a far cry from the hustle and bustle of busy city life. If you feel like it's time to quiet down and get connected to nature while enjoying spectacular views, food and wildlife, then the Cradle Coast might just be exactly where you need to kick back and relax this summer.

Open your mind

Things are a little slower on the Cradle Coast, which makes it a great place for great relaxation. If you come into your holiday with an open mind, ready to experience new activities, you might just discover a brand new hobby. If you're up for an adventure, give canyoning at Cradle Mountain Canyons a try, or book a multi-day bush-walking experience, like the iconic Overland Track.

Plan your tasting trail route of attack

The Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail is a journey of excellent and award-winning food and beverages. Take the drive at your own pace, stopping at shops and farms that tickle your tastebuds. From chocolateberries, cheeses, meats and vegetables to wine, beer, cider, gin and whiskey, the Tasting Trail has something for everyone. Before you arrive, be sure to plan your must-stop spots on your culinary adventure!

Pack layers and adventure gear

We have some of the most magnificent summer weather on the Cradle Coast. It's warm and sunny during the day, with the perfect amount of cool in the evening. However, it's not your typical Australian weather - it can get cold and wet unexpectedly, particularly as you journey into mountainous terrain or along the wild West Coast. Make sure to pack a combination of summer clothes and warmer gear for evening and mountain adventures.

Get lost

The winding roads of the Cradle Coast can take you to unexpected places. Often, you might not know exactly where you're going on the map - but that's all part of the journey. Some of the best moments of travel happen when you let go of directions and follow your nose. Part of the allure and charm of this region is in its winding, beautiful farm roads which lead to rural wonders. In saying that, it is always important to have a map handy in case you want to get back on track. (But first, explore off the beaten path!)

Leave room for the unexpected

Quite often while you're here, you'll come across an incredible event that you didn't even know existed. Whether it's live music at a winery, late night wood-fired pizza at the Berry Patch or Steamfest in Sheffield - you'll want to leave room in your in your schedule to experience the buzzing regional events that you didn't plan for. The moments that you didn't even know you would have might just become the best memories of your travels.

Go wild

The Cradle Coast is home to some of the most incredible Australian wildlife. While you're here, make the most of the moments you get to spend with our very special wildlife. To see our endemic Tasmanian Devils, stop in at Devils at Cradle, or also Wings Wildlife Park for a variety of wildlife experiences. To spot wombats in the wild, head to the Cradle Hinterland and go for a wander. These adorable creatures can often be spotted up close and personal right in the parking lot at Cradle Mountain Lodge. Narawntapu National Park is another great place to spot wildlife of all kinds, and is particularly good for bird watching!

Ask a local

Lastly, but probably most importantly, always ask a friendly local for advice! Our locals love to help, and will often tell you a warming tale about the region and give you the insider scoop on where to explore to make the most of your holiday.

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