Be the local. Meet the local. Taste the local.
Tarkine Fresh Oysters Tasmania
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Be the local. Meet the local. Taste the local.

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In a place where rolling farmland meets clear blue ocean waters and winding roads lead to alpine vistas, some of the finest Australian food and beverage is produced. Tasmania has long been acknowledged for its delicious seafood, fresh produce and craft beverages. Tucked away on the north-west corner of the state, the Cradle Coast has some of the most captivating landscapes, quirky farm gate shops, exclusive tasting experiences and exquisite food and beverage products on offer.

The stories behind the food and beverage of the Cradle Coast are what make the entire experience unique; makers and producers behind the products have historic tales of generations past, leading to the perfection of their tastes.

Over the years, producers on the Cradle Coast have united in camaraderie; when strawberries couldn't be sold because of export concerns, strawberry gin was made... and they have exercised ultimate creativity; the cleanest air on the planet? Why not farm the rainwater and bottle it for a fine freshwater delight!

To come to the Cradle Coast to follow a trail of food and beverage will not only feed tastebuds, but it will feed the soul, learning about decades of perfecting flavours and creations, and the unique personalities and ideas behind these delicious products.

So go ahead and enjoy the Cradle Coast offerings, and experience what this fertile farmland, quiet countryside and wild waters can produce, as well as the unique stories from the locals behind the tastes.

Penguin Fruit and Veggie Market

Be the local.

As you venture around the Cradle Coast on your delicious journey, here are some tips for making sure you get the ultimate local foodie experience.

  1. Look for signs and follow them to the food. We're on island pace here and if you solely rely on your smartphone, you might miss something magnificent!
  2. Venture off the beaten path. Winding roads quite often lead to wonderful things. A side street or a dirt road might just lead to creating your favourite memory.
  3. Slow down. Don't rush the good things and enjoy quiet moments. Cradle Coast locals aren't often in a hurry, so go with the flow and follow their lead.
  4. Go to local markets. They're where you'll find the produce that's probably just been grown down the road!
  5. Some retailers boast a dedicated "Tasmanian" section, while many simply sell some of our best products (cheese, honey, seafood, beef and so much more) as part of their regular stock.  Look for the label or just ask.
  6. Ask other locals for their suggestions.  When you're getting your morning coffee, chat to the friendly barista about her favourite place to eat lunch or grab takeaway. Locals always know best!
Blue Hills Honey

Meet the local.

The stories from local makers and producers will carry you through your Cradle Coast foodie journey. Here are some tips for feeding your understanding of the producer history in this patch.

  1. Take the tour. When you venture out on a farm tour or a cruise on the west coast, you will learn so much about the landscape and how locals have survived, created and produced throughout history.
  2. Listen to locals tell their stories. The Cradle Coast is home to some of the friendliest locals in the state. They'll welcome you in and share stories behind their products, giving you a whole new appreciation for them.
  3. Enjoy the surroundings. Stop to appreciate the landscape that has given itself to the production of these goods.
  4. Ask questions about local secrets. When you pay attention to local stories, you'll find out more about under-the-radar experiences... and those are some of the best ones!
  5. Take photos for the memory bank. (And hashtag #tastethelocal)
  6. Bring home a souvenir. Take the tastes from the Cradle Coast back to your own kitchen and share them with friends and family!
Turners Beach Berry Patch

Taste the local.

Now, for the part you've been waiting for! It's time to taste the goods. As you make your way through products, tasting a variety of creations, here's a few tips to bring the most out of every bite.

  1. Savour every flavour, acknowledging each one as they hit your tastebuds.
  2. Inquire about what's on your plate. (Often there's quite unique combinations used!)
  3. Try something you wouldn't make at home. (And let us woo you with our skills.)
  4. Get the Oysters. Even if you don't typically enjoy them... we have a feeling you might just like the Oysters here.
  5. Variety is the spice of life - try sharing a few complimentary items to include as many products as possible. (Platters are really good for this here!)
  6. ENJOY YOURSELF. Balance the delicious food with long walks through temperate rainforests to waterfalls and peaceful places across the Cradle Coast.
Tarkine Fresh Oysters, Smithton Tasmania

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