Follow the food: The journey of a Tassie carrot
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Follow the food: The journey of a Tassie carrot

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When you casually stroll through the produce aisle at your local supermarket, you may not think to look too closely at the information on the packaging. (Or perhaps you're buying in bulk and there is no packaging!) Either way, next time you pick up a bag of carrots have a quick little glance at the information on the bag. There's a strong chance that your flavourful, crunchy carrots came from a paddock in the rolling farmlands of the Cradle Coast.
Before they get to you though, the carrots have already had quite an eventful and pleasant life. From seeds being sown into rich Tasmanian soil, to growing underground, then cleaning, sorting and packaging, your bag of carrots experiences a unique life and journey across the water before making their way to the store and onto your plate.

Grow strong and tall in Tassie soil

Carrot seed varieties have been carefully selected for various purposes. You may not know it but not all carrots are considered equal! Have you ever bit into a carrot and thought "hmm, this one is especially flavourful..."
First of all, it was probably from the Cradle Coast.😊 Secondly, it was likely due to the variety of carrot grown.
Once the variety is selected, carrots are carefully sown using a precision drill which perfectly spaces the seeds for optimal growth. Just like us, carrots don't like it very much when their neighbour crowds their personal space.

Time to leave home, little fellas

After spending 120-160 days growing from a seed to a full-size carrot, it's time to leave the comfort of their soil-home. Using state-of-the-art harvesting technology, carrots are pulled from the ground in mass quantities and in such a way that doesn't break or damage them. Upwards and onwards, the carrots move to their next stop: the washing and packaging facility.

The Tassie fresh water factor

After a pleasant time in the paddock, the carrots make their way to the facility where they begin their cleansing journey in preparation for your plate. At the iconic local Cradle Coast farm of Harvest Moon, carrots are washed only in fresh Tasmanian water, adding that special Tassie sparkle to their body.

The odd man out - carrot sorting

A team of line workers carefully sort through washed carrots, picking out odd ones to ensure that only the best-looking carrots go to the supermarket. Don't worry though - the odd man out still finds a home. Often seconds or thirds will get chopped up for meal delivery services, frozen goods or other sources.

Meeting up with their mates

The next stop is an exciting one for these crunchy sticks of health - they get to meet their new friends that will travel with them on the ultimate road trip to the supermarket. Each package is carefully inspected, ensuring that only the best carrots make it to this point in their journey.

All packed and ready for the road trip

The hard work is done! These carrots have grown into optimal shapes and sizes and then gone off and left home. The Tassie carrots now make their way from the packaging facility to various locations across Australia and abroad. A team of sales managers coordinate the deliveries to the supermarket where you will then put them in your shopping basket. Carrots that don't stay in Tasmania are loaded onto cold trucks headed towards the port in Devonport. There, they will board their freight ship to the mainland and overseas.

The end of their vibrant journey

So now you're looking extra carefully at the package of carrots in your shopping cart and you've noticed the label that says "Fresh Tasmanian Carrots." You feel drawn and connected to these carrots, as if they've invited you into their home, shown you around and now you're going to return the favour. (Except now the story ends with them on your plate.) Knowing what you know about Tassie carrots now, you may just notice the extra special flavourful difference as you crunch down on them. Our fertile soils, temperate weather and fresh, clean water make that extra-special Tassie difference.😉

Farm experiences on the Cradle Coast

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