Kelcey Tiers turns Cradle Coast mountain biking up a notch
Kelcey Tiers Mountain Biking Trails Tasmania
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Kelcey Tiers turns Cradle Coast mountain biking up a notch

It's no secret to Cradle Coast mountain bikers that Kelcey Tiers in Devonport, Tasmania, is an excellent location for mountain bikers of all levels. And now, after excavator work and trail building, these trails have received a facelift; decorating them with riders from around the state.

Mountain biking beginnings in the state

Tasmanian locals are adventurous at their core, and with that adventurous way of being usually comes a passion for sport. With varied mountainous terrain around the state, Tasmanians have latched onto this addictive and adrenaline-driving sport. If you ask  local mountain bikers about the history of trails in Tassie, they will tell you about the days before Derby and Maydena Bike Parks - when a few passionate mates spent days, or sometimes weeks and months hand-building secret trails down any hill that was close to their backyard.

Fast forward to the present, where Tasmania is now being celebrated for world-class mountain biking tracks. First was the Derby trail network, which hosted an Enduro World Series race shortly after opening. This gained lots of exposure for the mountain biking scene in Tasmania. Then, Maydena Bike Park opened in January 2018 in Tasmania's south, filling the void for downhill riders.

Closing the loop on the Cradle Coast

Now, in exciting times for the Cradle Coast, the mountain biking trails at Kelcey Tiers in Devonport, help close the loop for riders looking for a state-wide mountain biking experience. The easy and quick access to the trails (10 minutes from Spirit of Tasmania in Devonport) makes it a perfect stop on an adventurous Tasmania trip. Deemed as "Derby-like" the Kelcey Tiers trails compliment the rest of the riding in the state.

Across the Cradle Coast there are hand-built tracks down local hills, as well as several cross-country style tracks constructed by community mountain biking groups. As popularity rises, the trail networks here are continuing to grow. Stay connected to what's going on for all thing mountain biking on the Mersey Valley Devonport Cycling Club MTB Facebook Page.

Kelcey Tiers trails 101

The work that's been done (and is still ongoing) is some of the finest bike trail construction around. The climbing track is a manageable, smooth incline, with nicely laid out switchbacks to accomodate any level of pedaler. As you make your way to the top, you're nestled amongst forest, breathing fresh North-West Coast air.


It's a "choose your own adventure" at Kelcey Tiers! From smooth and flowy green (easy) trails, to technical black (hard), there really is something for every level of rider. And the good news about the green trails? They're so well built that even an advanced rider will enjoy taking them; with both A and B-line options on tracks.

Picking your trails

If you aren't aware already, TrailForks is an excellent resource for gaining information and planning your riding route. It has a feature that allows users to upload their own photos and videos too, so in some cases you're able to scout the trails before riding them. As the trail network grows, you'll be able to find the information you need on Trailforks, as well as the signage at the start of each track.


It's always important to know your limits. Mountain Biking can be challenging and you need to make sure you're always aware of obstacles, knowing how to handle your bike around them. A tip? Start slow. Ride the first trail mindfully, so that on your next run down you can play a little more! Always wear a helmet, and be sure to wear knee and elbows pads and gloves.

Bikes and gear

If you're looking to get all the gear you'll need for mountain biking, head over to Derrico Cycles in Devonport. They're experts in the area and have a variety of mountain biking products and knowledge.

Get even more stoked

With the construction of the upcoming Wild Mersey mountain biking trail network well underway, there's even more to be stoked about on the Cradle Coast. The first portion of these trails will be open December 2018. Stay tuned for more information and inspiring mountain biking photos and videos when they open!

See you on the trails.

Kelcey Tiers Mountain Biking Trails Tasmania

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