Meet the local: Blue Hills Honey
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Meet the local: Blue Hills Honey

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Wind your way through the scenic landscapes on the road to Mawbanna, where the sweet tastes of Blue Hills Honey await you 🍯🐝

Their rainforest honey is produced by placing beehives deep in the heart of the ancient and primitive Tarkine, allowing the bees to collect nectar from a diverse range of plants. The wild rainforests of Tasmania are the only place in the world where the rare Leatherwood tree eucryphia lucida grows.

A family business

A tradition of producing consistently high-quality honey is reflected in Blue Hills Honey’s company history. Their expertise comes from a long-established, successful family business of three generations. When founders Rueben and Beryl Charles established honey production in 1955 the couple started a family business focused on quality. Since then, Blue Hills has flourished and remains at the forefront of honey production. In 1996, Robbie Charles began managing the business and in 2003 Robbie Charles married Nicola (featured above) who took on the roles of Business Manager, Sales and Marketing. Together, they have led the business into exciting places: receiving awards, gaining organic accreditation, launching of new products and major physical expansions.

Facility and process

The Blue Hills factory is located at Mawbanna on the outskirts of the Tarkine forest. The quality honey also reflects the philosophy and approach to processing; which is about minimising disruption to deliver the purest and most natural honey. The factory’s centrifuge simply and smoothly separates most of the beeswax leaving the honey to settle overnight. This perfectly pure honey is then decanted into tanks and later into storage drums. After 60 years of steady growth, and depending on the season, the family factory can now naturally extract roughly 10 tonnes of honey per day. Throughout this minimal method of processing, the temperature of the honey remains below 45°C; which helps preserve delicate flavours and aromas.

The rainforest difference

The Tarkine is the largest temperate rainforest in Australia located in the remote northwest of Tasmania. The Tarkine region has the world’s freshest air and cleanest waters and much of this lush region has been officially designated as a Protected Area. The Tarkine is home to some of the rarest plants and animals and contains some of the oldest living trees on earth. For over 60 years, Blue Hills Honey beekeepers have carefully explored and worked in the wild heart of the Tarkine wilderness. Tarkine Wilderness Honey is renown for its quality, which lends itself to the placement of the beehives deep in Tarkine rainforests. The hives are placed for extended periods, allowing bees to collect nectar from the blossoms of a diverse range of rainforest plants. This means the flavour and aroma of the honey can vary naturally and deliciously from batch to batch and season to season; providing lovers of high quality honey with with a truly unique  experience with every taste.

Award-winning flavour

Many awards have been given to Blue Hills, and in 2016 they were awarded the “Grand Gold Product Quality Award” by the European Monde Selection at the World Quality Selections in Budapest and also selected as “World top 5 Food Products.” Visit the awards page on their website to see all of the additional awards they have received over the years.

Bee-come a bee. The virtual reality Blue Hills Honey experience!

Part of the Blue Hills expansion in late 2018 and early 2019 provides visitors with the chance to bee-come a bee; an exciting virtual reality experience. It will give people the chance to immerse themselves in the Tarkine wilderness and see where the honey comes from and then learn the art of minimal processing. Additionally, a large cafe will serve a variety of delicious Tasmanian goodies as well as Blue Hills tastings.

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