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Meet the local: Spirit Bar

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Tasmania has recently been celebrated for its selection of delicious craft beverages. Across the Cradle Coast region and the entire state, you can find some spectacular creations. With an aim to celebrate this, Spirit Bar Tasmania, a boutique bar in Burnie, showcases a wide range of spirits, ciders and wines produced around Tasmania. They feature a large range of distilleries, breweries and vineyards, and every beverage is crafted in Tasmania. The options are plenty, with their long list of Tasmanian spirits, wines, craft beers and ciders. They also offer a food menu to compliment the beverage selection, which is composed of fine Tasmanian produce.

Taste the Tasmanian difference

Tasmania is quickly gaining traction as a capital for progressive alcohol production in Australia and on the world stage. Interestingly enough, Tasmania has more whisky distilleries than Ireland! It produces vodka, gin, wine, craft beers and cider that have gained status through awards and critics. Tasmania is an excellent place to lose yourself in the distilling and brewing industry, with options to learn and taste the Tasmanian difference. At the Spirit Bar in Burnie, you can do just that. It's a place to celebrate and try all the flavourful beverages that are produced here.

In addition to world-class beverages, Tasmania has long been recognised for its fabulous food and produce. With specialty cheeses, world-famous honey, meat, fresh vegetables and delicious fruit, food has also become a key motivator in the State’s tourism industry and attracts a plethora of acclaimed chefs. Accompanying this long-celebrated foodie culture, Tasmanian beverage producers have won ‘world’s best awards’ for chardonnay, single malt whisky, vodka and gin. Tasmania is the veritable master of upcoming, boutique distilleries – producing some of the best spirits that Australia now has the fortune to now sample.

Tasmania is rapidly growing awareness for all things artisan; produce, craft beers, cider, spirits and wine. As this growth continues to increase so does the explosion of interest in Tasmanian products from both the mainland and the world.

Spirit Bar serves you these Tasmanian products through the experience of tasting at their heritage building in Burnie. Through their incredibly diverse selection of 107 products (when fully stocked!) they pay homage to all beverages that are uniquely Tasmanian.

Tasmanian cider

As the "Apple Isle," Tasmania specialises in real cider. Unlike a lot of sugary ciders, many of the Tasmanian ciders use fresh fruit, with no syrup, just real juicy apples and pears. One Tassie producer in the South of the state, Willie Smith’s Cider, was awarded three top trophies and a gold medal at the Australian Cider Awards. Follow the cider trail here.

Tasmanian Wine

Tasmanian cool climate wines are a connoisseur's delight. There are dozens of wineries to excite the taste buds in Tasmania, from the fertile Cradle Coast, through to the Tamar Valley, down the East Coast and South to Coal River, Derwent and Huon Valleys. Like breweries, Tasmania is a burgeoning boutique and micro-brewing haven with over 160 producers. Follow the wine trail here.

Tasmanian beer

In the 1850’s, nearly 70 breweries operated in Tasmania. Our climate and pure water are ideal to cultivate grain. An interesting fact about Australia beer on a whole is that 80% of the country's hops are grown in Tasmania! Tassie is now home to microbreweries that contrast both old and new, large and small. Follow the beer trail here.

Tasmanian Spirits

Tasmania is quickly getting a name for itself as the "Whisky Capital of Australia" and is in the grip of a distilling craze. It's not only Whisky that Tasmania is gaining accolades for, some gin and vodka distilleries are also topping the nation's charts. Follow the whisky trail here.

Spirit Bar

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