#nothibernating! Five Cradle Coast activities to get you outdoors in winter
Cradle Mountain
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#nothibernating! Five Cradle Coast activities to get you outdoors in winter

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When winter hits Australia's southern island state of Tasmania, it comes with force. Cool temperatures (as low as zero degrees Celsius) bring fierce storms, but also nature's finest display of raw, rugged wilderness. While some may happily choose to stay in the comfort of their homes, there's much to explore during this adventurous season. For those who chose to bundle up to tackle the elements, they will reap the reward of experiencing some of Tasmania's most unique and incredible winter offerings.

There's lots of ways to get outside and we've shared a few of our ideas in this post to help motivate visitors and locals to ditch the hibernation and make the most out of the cold season.

Cradle Mountain in snow

Snow spotting

A favourite winter activity and probably what this region is most famous for in winter: snow spotting in the mountains! There's fantastic opportunities throughout winter to witness the picturesque scenes of snow in our alpine regions. Where can you see snow exactly? Here's a few of our favourite spots:

Cradle Mountain (and surroundings)

The most popular area to spot snow in winter is without a doubt Cradle Mountain. It's already an incredibly photogenic location, and when the snow is elegantly draped across its peaks it draws attention to its display. In addition to Cradle itself, it's a wonderful experience to stroll through the Enchanted Walk or to Pencil Pine Falls and see the snow scattered through the forest vegetation.

West Coast Mountains

Some of our tallest mountains in Tasmania are often the ones less visited! As you drive around the wild and serene West Coast in winter, you can spot many snow-capped mountains in the distance, particularly after a seasonal storm. Because of the remote location and rough winter elements, unless you have some serious mountaineering experience this snow is best witnessed from the safety of the side of the road.

Black Bluff

When the clouds have cleared after a cold winters day, you can often see a white cover over Black Bluff as you drive through the Wilmot countryside. If you're headed in the direction of Cradle, this is a good sign that you'll get to experience a lot more when you arrive at your final destination.

Mount Roland

A mountain visible to much of the region from our main coastal hubs, Mount Roland can be seen draped in snow after a winter storm with a low snow level forecast. (Which often means we've had a chilly and rainy day at sea level!) It's worth is though, when we wake up and get to see iconic Mount Roland wearing her beautiful white winter coat!

Cold weather surfing

Cold weather surfing

It's a known fact to Cradle Coast locals that the best surfing storms happen in winter here. Not for the faint of heart (or probably the first-timers) surfing on the North and West Coasts is a very adventurous feat. If the cold water doesn't bother you and you're keen to bundle up in a warm wetsuit with a hood, gloves and booties, you won't regret making a pit stop on the Cradle Coast for some waves.

Looking for some of our favourite spots? Check out Marrawah, Penguin and the Bluff at Devonport.

Bridal Veil Falls Tasmania

Waterfalls walks

Another very popular activity in winter on the Cradle Coast is witnessing where all of that water that's been pumping down from the sky goes! Flowing fiercely down Cradle Coast rivers and waterways in winter, waterfall walking is a wonderful way to get outside and submerge yourself in nature. There's something really special about the smells and colours of the forest in winter months. So put on a warm layer and a waterproof jacket (and probably some waterproof boots!) and go for a wander. You won't regret it.

In need of a few suggestions for waterfalls to explore? Check out Lemonthyme Lodge for Champagne and Bridal Veil falls, as well as Dip Falls on your way west, and of course our tallest falls in Tasmania: Montezuma Falls. For all things waterfall walks in Tasmania, check out the website: Waterfalls of Tasmania

Tarkine Fresh Oysters Tasmania

Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail

Are you looking for the perfect all-weather winter activity? We have just the thing! Why not take a tour along the Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail, trying out local flavours and creations from the region. Diverse in offering, you can try Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon, wine, beer, gin, whiskey, honey and much, much more! For all things foodie adventure recommendations, check out our latest food campaign: Taste the Local. You can find stories on many of our region's producers, including those featured on the Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail.

Mountain biking

Growing in popularity over recent years, mountain biking in Tasmania is a thrilling sport that can be enjoyed all year round. With world-class intermediate and advanced mountain biking destinations like Blue Derby in the east and Maydena Bike Park in the south, the Cradle Coast offers its contribution at a more beginner to intermediate level with trails at Wild Mersey, Kelcey Tiers and Penguin Bike Park. While many of the trails allow for beginners to experience the rush of adrenaline from mountain biking, our trails offer something adventurous for every rider: from fun and flowy, to technical with difficult features. You can find green (beginner), blue (intermediate) and black (advanced) options to cater to your whole group.


So get outside this winter season - there are no excuses! Show us how you're #nothibernating to be featured on our social channels.😊

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