Strahan is a harbour-side village with a dark and fascinating convict past set on the edge of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.
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Five Pet-friendly Beaches on the Cradle Coast

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We are pet-friendly on the Cradle Coast! Celebrating travel with pets since May 2018, we’re sharing resources to help make traveling with your pet a little easier. Our blogs and Google Map will help you plan a trip full of adventure, ocean, and excellent accommodation to make ‘fur’ the best pet-friendly vacation in Tasmania’s North West!

When it comes to pet-friendly travel, there aren’t many dogs who don’t love the beach, and watching a pup play at the ocean is is enjoyment for every pet owner. Across the Cradle Coast there are many designated doggy exercise beaches, and there’s plenty of adventure to be had at each one.

Forget the crowds of city beaches – along the Cradle Coast the beaches are not only beautiful, they’re quiet and peaceful. Your pup will love the wide open spaces they can zoom around on and they might even run into a local Tassie dog to make friends with. (The pets in Tasmania are extra-friendly, too!)

On your journey across the Cradle Coast, there’s many places to stop and enjoy the beach at, and here are five suggestions for you and your pup to enjoy.

The wide open beach at Turners, located between Devonport and Ulverstone. Photo:

Turners Beach

Located right off of the main highway between Devonport and Ulverstone, Turners Beach is a small vibrant coastal community, full of good vibes and friendly dogs. The best part about Turners Beach? Well, the beach of course! Turners is expansive and experiences large tides. At low tide, the beach is a wide open playground for pups and often you will run into other dogs playing and enjoying the beach too. Turners Beach is a great stop after getting off the ferry for everyone to stretch their legs and get some exercise. Restrictions apply in summer for off-leash exercising – dogs must be on leash from 7am-8pm.

West Ulverstone Beach

The beach at West Ulverstone is often buzzing with people and animals, as it’s situated in the heart of the coastal town of Ulverstone. During low tide, it’s an excellent place to bring your pup for a run around with a designated dog exercise area from Josephine Street and Westland Drive. Restrictions apply in summer, when dogs are not permitted to be exercised from 7am-8pm. After a play at the beach at West Ulverstone, put your pup on the lead and head for a stroll in town – cafes along the Main Street often have water for pups and allow dogs to sit in outdoor cafe areas.

Sisters Beach

On your journey west, Sisters Beach is an excellent place for both you and your pet to explore. With a designated off lead area, let your pup roam free and run around as they please. However, there are restrictions from Stockdale Avenue to Honeysuckle Avenue, where dogs must be on a leash at all times, and during summer they’re prohibited between 10am and 6pm. Exploring the area outside of restricted times, you’ll be treated to stunning scenery, quiet beach walks and other friendly pups playing in the sand.

Strahan is a harbour-side village with a dark and fascinating convict past set on the edge of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.


The foreshore of Strahan is a very picturesque place, with a walking trail that runs along MacQuarie Harbour. While your pup needs to remain on lead on this path, it’s a beautiful walking trail for both of you to enjoy! Strahan is a very pet-friendly town, with many West Coasters owning pets themselves. At the far end of the foreshore trail there is a dog beach where your pup can roam and play. There’s also other trails around Strahan where you can bring your pet on lead, like the Hogarth Falls track, starting from Peoples Park and is a 40-50 minute return walk.

Back Beach

Before you head back onto the ferry, make a stop at the designated dog exercise area ‘Back Beach’ along Coles Beach Road. This edge of Devonport is beautiful and peaceful – the perfect way to finish off a trip to the North West. As a designated off leash area, your dog can run around and stretch their legs before the long journey home.

Our pet-friendly Google Map

Use this map as a tool to help plan your perfect pet-friendly adventure in Tasmania’s North West. Be sure to save it to your maps for easy access.

Teach your pet to be wildlife-friendly!

We have sensitive and important bird areas across the Cradle Coast, and it’s important that we keep them protected. Part of the responsibility of travellers with pets is to be mindful of these special areas where dogs are prohibited to go. We celebrate wildlife and the creatures that call the Cradle Coast home, and we ask that our visitors with and without pets take care and show appreciation for wildlife habitats around the coast.

Additional tips for pet-friendly beaches:

  • Always look for signs and obey council restrictions – they’re in place to support community needs and sensitive wildlife.
  • Clean up after your pup! Most beaches will have bags and bins – please make sure to take care of our region, unfortunately there aren’t any poop fairies here to help.
  • Have fun! Enjoy the many off-leash areas and make friends with other pups out there playing too.

Home » Stories » Pet-Friendly » Five Pet-friendly Beaches on the Cradle Coast