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Tips For Bringing Your Pet to the Cradle Coast

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There are many reasons to bring your four-legged family members to roam around the Cradle Coast, but before even getting into how awesome it is to experience this region with your pets, step one is getting them across the water. Contrary to any thoughts otherwise, it’s actually really easy to get your pet from there to here and back again, with pet-friendly travel options like Spirit of Tasmania.

Your pet gets to sail across the sea to our peaceful and extraordinary island, and once they get a chance to run around the Cradle Coast, they’ll be grateful you took them with you! There’s a few things you’ll need to know before bringing your pet across on the ship, and we’re going to fill you in so that you’re completely prepared.

Don’t leave them behind – bring your pet along to explore the Cradle Coast. Photo: Emily Smith

Booking A Kennel

When bringing your fur baby on board, it is a requirement that your pet travels in a Spirit of Tasmania kennel. (Each pet you bring will require their own kennel.) The kennels are located on ventilated decks and fresh water is supplied and regular checks are performed on pets throughout the sailing. For safety reasons, passengers are not permitted to access the vehicle decks to visit pets while the ship is at sea, but capable and friendly Spirit of Tasmania staff will make sure your precious cargo is taken care of.

Tip: Bring a bed and something to keep them cosy for their nap across the pond. Photo: Emily Smith

What To Bring

It’s important to make sure your pet is comfortable when they travel, for your ease of mind and to soften any anxiety of traveling across the sea. Before they come on board, make sure they’ve been fed, had a good chance to relieve themselves, and also bring a comfortable and warm place for them to sleep. Having the familiarity of a mat or bed they know will give them ease in saying goodbye to you.

Prep Your Pup

It’s important that all pets coming into Tasmania meet requirements. All dogs entering Tasmania are subject to biosecurity entry conditions and must be treated for Hydatid Tape Worm within 14 days prior to entering Tasmania. Evidence of this treatment must be carried by whoever accompanies the dog into Tasmania and presented at time of inspection.

The evidence can be:

• An official statement/certificate by a vet;
• A statutory declaration by the owner; or
• Other evidence of treatment (such as the pill packet and purchase receipt)

For more information Free call Dogs to Tasmania Hotline 1800 684 215 or visit Biosecurity-Tasmania.

Once you arrive, your travel buddy will be ready and excited to explore the Cradle Coast! Photo: Emily Smith

Did you know … you can also fly to the Cradle Coast with your pet! Flying into Devonport with Qantas, or into Burnie with Regional Express, you’ll need to follow the same preparation protocols in terms of the biosecurity entry conditions above. For all information on flying with pets on Qantas or Regional Express, please visit their websites.

It may take a bit of extra planning and preparation to bring your four-legged family member along, but once you’re here and sharing the experience of the Cradle Coast, we promise you – it will be worth it. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing the best places to take your pets for adventure, camping, hiking, off-leash parks and cafes in towns. Also – watch the google map below as we continue to update with pet-friendly locations across the coast.

Pet Travel Responsibilities:

When you’re bringing your fur baby into the Cradle Coast, there’s of course a few best practices for keeping the environment clean, as well as respecting rules of councils.

  1. Despite how much we wish they existed – there are no poop fairies in the Cradle Coast. To help keep our pristine parks and beaches that way, please pick up after your pup, and remember to place the baggy in the bin.
  2. There are reasons to keep your pet on their lead, so please respect signs on beaches and in parks that ask you to do so. Whether environmental concerns, or council regulations, we ask that anyone bringing their pup into the Cradle Coast respect the sign postings of our local parks and beaches.

Home » Stories » Outdoor Adventure » Tips For Bringing Your Pet to the Cradle Coast