But first, coffee! 13 spots to get a mighty fine cuppa
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But first, coffee! 13 spots to get a mighty fine cuppa

While large urban centres have long been known for top-notch coffee spots, don't let the rural nature of our region fool you... we have unique and delicious places for you to get your daily fix too. ☕️ Break up your Cradle Coast scenic tour with stops into a few of our vibrant coastal hubs to indulge in some of the best coffee you're sure to try on this island.

The Chapel, Burnie

In the heart of downtown Burnie, The Chapel buzzes with both locals stopping in for their daily cuppa and visitors just passing through. Known for not only making one of the best coffees in town, The Chapel is also highly regarded for their delicious locally sourced food menu too. In addition to serving fantastic food and coffee (which they roast themselves), The Chapel also hosts regular evening events, featuring live music and beer (brewed by them as well). This little character-filled cafe packs quite a punch in the local community foodie and beverage scene. For the latest happenings at The Chapel, follow along on their Instagram channel. 

Secret Buddha Cafe, Burnie

Secret Buddha cafe, located in Burnie supplies an atmospheric stop along the Cradle Coast that will not leave you disappointed. With a beautiful outdoor area and array of plants, sip your deliciously zen cup of coffee in the blissful sunshine outside or in the quirky indoor seating area. In addition to good vibes and great coffee, Secret Buddha cafe staff are also well-known for their vibrant personalities and sparkle.

Food+brew, Burnie

Another great spot to stop within the city centre of Burnie for a cup of coffee (and also a delicious feed) is food+brew. Located in a beautiful historical building on the corner of Cattley Street and Marine Terrace, when you stop in at Food+Brew you can expect a well-made coffee and a small selection of baked goods as well as breakfast and lunch menu items. If you've had more than your share of coffee for the day (but really - how would that even be possible?) we recommend the Chai as an alternate!

Bruces Cafe Wynyard

Bruce's Cafe, Wynyard

Charming and unsuspecting as you make your way into Wynyard, Bruce's Cafe sits right across the road from sea. With a lovely little outdoor seating area and a variety of indoor options, it's the perfect place to stop in and stay a while. Their food menu is just as good as their coffee... so if you're even just a little bit hungry be sure to try something to feed your curiosity. Trust us - you won't be disappointed.

Cafe Umami, Wynyard

Vegan friendly and 100% gluten free, Cafe Umami does a fantastic job of catering to alternative diets and preferences. Located in coastal Wynyard, Cafe Umami makes a delicious coffee also using locally sourced Infuse Coffee beans. Also while you're there you might be tempted to try one of their tasty raw slices... and it's probably best to do it!

The Coffee Shack Strahan

The Coffee Shack, Strahan

If you're venturing to visit the far West Coast, our friends down in Strahan at the Coffee Shack serve a delicious cup of Infuse Coffee Roasters coffee, which is roasted in the urban centre of Burnie. If you're staying in the heart of Strahan, The Coffee Shack is the perfect place to get a cuppa and head out for a morning stroll before a day full of West Coast activities.

Letterbox Cafe, Penguin

This small little seaside cafe in the heart of Penguin isn't very hard to find... it's right across from the giant penguin himself! (Which is also great photo opportunity.) The cafe features yummy caffeinated beverages as well as breakfast and lunch featuring a (mostly) vegetarian menu. Carefully crafted, their food and beverages are quite impressive for the little cafe. Enjoy your brew outside the front of the cafe, at inside seating or across the road looking directly out to sea.

Renaessance, Penguin

When you arrive at the charming cafe Renaessance in Penguin, you may just realise that you've stumbled upon a gem. A quaint little cafe with friendly staff, quirky decor and fantastic outlook, Renaessance serves a great coffee and has a menu with unique variety. Sit back and relax here - you're on Penguin time.

Thirty Three Cups, Ulverstone

With an intimate indoor seating area and covered outdoor alleyway seating, Thirty Three Cups in the small coastal hub of Ulverstone is a fantastic choice for a morning beverage and chit-chat with your traveling companion. With a display full of delicious baked goods as well as a very tempting food menu, you will probably enjoy more than a coffee here.

Turners Beach berry Patch

The Berry Patch

Visible from the highway between Ulverstone and Devonport is the busy compound at Turners Beach Berry Patch. Much more than a berry patch, the cafe on site serves an impressive cup of coffee as well as seasonal, locally sourced food dishes carefully selected by the team of talented chefs. There's plenty to experience at the Berry Patch: a farm shop where you can purchase local Tasmanian goods, a large indoor and outdoor area for relaxing, play areas for the kids (including a hay bale!) and pick your own berry fields in the summer. For some, the Berry Patch is a destination in itself.

Verona, Devonport

Verona Pizzeria & Cafe in Devonport not only serve tasty Italian coffee, but their food is also highly regarded too! With their own roaster in house, Gioconda Coffee Roasters offer an array of high quality blends and single origins for wholesale Australia-wide as well as served daily in their cafe. Choices feature a Signature Blend, Dark Roast, Single Origin and Decaf.

Laneway, Devonport

The unique location of Laneway in Devonport speaks exactly for itself: this urban cafe's entrance is right in the middle of a laneway. The Barista team at Laneway are excellent at what they do and are full of local knowledge. The cafe seating area is mostly indoors, with a few seats out front in the laneway, and the walls of the cafe feature a variety of art and photography from local creatives.

Fundamental Espresso

Fundamental Espresso, Devonport

At just two years old, Fundamental Espresso is the "cool kid" on the block. With doors that fully open to the street and an inviting, chic community atmosphere, Fundamental ticks all the boxes when it come to cafe aesthetics. And to top it off, they make a killer coffee and bagel combination. Opening at 6am, they're a great first stop after a long night on the ferry, and chances are if you go there a few times on your travels, cafe co-owner Tom will have your order on memory.

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